Shuutarou Mendou

面堂終太郎, Shuu-chan
Birthday:Apr 1, 1962
Shuutaro Mendo is heir to the Mendou Zaibatsu with staggering wealth and its own private army. He commutes to school in a gigantic helicopter that is more like a flying mansion. Shuutaro carries a samurai sword which he often tries to use on Ataru who has become expert at blocking it with his bare hands. Although very handsome he is just as stupid and lecherous as Ataru just much more sophisticated in his approach. He takes his role as heir to the vast Mendou fortune extremely seriously. Mendou is vain narcissistic charming overly dramatic claustrophobic and afraid of the dark. He loves Lum tolerating the presence of Ataru in order to be close to her. Shinobu is the closest thing he has to a girlfriend. Source: Wikipedia