Haruto Houjo

北城遥都, Prez
Haruto Houjou Hj Haruto? Voiced by: Katsuaki Arima The son of a Christian minister and president of Sait High Schools Holy Student Council. He has curly blonde hair and as the series progresses he grows it long and keeps it in a ponytail. Though he has no spiritual powers aside of seeing ghosts Haruto is entrusted with the seven badges of the school spirits and summons them as necessary. He hates his job and dealing with ghosts but his attempts to resign or transfer schools are constantly sabotaged by the Chairman. His dream is to spend one day attending classes though his fellow student council members enjoy slacking off. With the exception of Episode 6 every episode ends with him saying quotOh my Godquot In the manga while Haruto still thinks he doesnt really fit in the Council in his own words hes noticeably more mature reliable and levelheaded than his anime incarnation and gets along somewhat better with the spirits. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HauntedJunctionMainCast