Rikuo Himura

The second protagonist of the series Rikuo is Kazahayas current coworker and roommate as well as the one who found Kazahaya lying nearly dead in the snow. Similarly to Kazahaya his mysterious past is also centered on a woman this one named Tsukiko who has been hinted at being family though at present the exact nature of their relationship remains unknown. He often comes across as being cold and insensitive and takes great pleasure in teasing Kazahaya. However in spite of his nature he is always the one who comes to Kazahayas rescue when certain jobs go wrong. He has powers similar to telekinesis as he can break things like cups locks and branches. Kazahaya claims that he and Rikuo are the same age meaning Rikuo is also 17. Of the two protagonists Rikuo is much calmer and quieter and in appearance is taller and more masculine highschool girls appear to come to the store often specifically to ask Rikuo where some random item is as an excuse to talk to the handsome boy. An interesting quirk about Rikuo is that he likes sweet things such as chocolate which is considered unusual and unmasculine in Japanese society. source: wikipedia