Kagemaru Igano

伊賀野影丸, Kabamaru
Kabamaru hippos mouth is a reference to his insatiable appetite. After the death of his strict grandfather and ninja sensei Kabamaru moves to Tokyo with one of his grandfathers acquaintances. The plot deals mainly with Kabamaru adjusting to an urban lifestyle after spending a childhood in the mountains and how he finds himself caught up in the rivalry between two private schools. Igano Kabamaru has been adapted to television and film. In the 1st manga edition October 1982 September 1983 it ended when Kabamaru went back again with his grandfather amp Hayate to Iga village while in the 2nd manga edition 1998 the story about Kabamarus son KoKabamaru Igano after marrying his love interest Mai Ookubo.