Mai Ookubo

Mai is a beautiful and kind girl as well as Kabamaru039s love interest. She lost her parents when she was a child and raised by her grandmother Ran Ookubo who is the president of Kinyoku high school which Mai attends. Kabamaru fell in love with her at first sight but because of his behaviores which she considers as shameful because he is from a poor village and his unbelievable appetite she finds him completely repulsive. Mai is in love with the handsome and charismatic Shizune Mejiro unaware that he is only bothering with her because she is Ran039s granddaughter and he wants to use her to further his own ambitions. She eventually grows feelings for Kabamaru especialy after she came to know him better and understand that he isn039t as bad deep down inside his heart as she initially thought. Note: Mai in japanese means Dance