Mur Mur


Age: Unknown, Immortal Occupation: Deus's Servant Alternate Name: None Likes: Food, fooling around, Shoujo Manga Height: 95 cm Weight: 22 kg Deus' servant, Mur Mur is often seen with the eliminated candidates in omake panels. As of chapter twenty-four it is revealed her favorite is Yuno Gasai, and she is betting on her to win the game. She has a rather playful and nonchalant attitude toward Deus despite his warnings to her. In a spin-off series she accidentally destroyed Yuno from existence, so she currently has taken Yuno's place as the Second till the damage can be fixed.

In the final chapter of Mirai Nikki Paradox, Akise Aru goes into Mur Mur's memories. Before the paradox is restored she is seen conspiring with the fake Gasai Yuno, next to the corpse of the real Yuno.