Minene Uryuu

雨流みねね, Natsuko Ooshima, Nacchan, Ninth
Age: 18 Occupation: International Wanted Terrorist Likes: Unknown Height: 168 cm Weight: 55 kg Minene Uryuu is a terrorist bomber. Like the Fourth her Escape diary goes along with the type of profession she is involved in. Whenever Minene faces a dire situation the diary will chart out the best course of actions she can take in order to get out of a tight spot. Based on the function of her diary it might even help reduce the chances of her receiving a Dead End and it is probably one of the best diaries to have in Deus game of survival. The diarys only shortcoming is that there are some circumstances where the odds are too heavily stacked against Minene to the point where the diary wont be able to secure an escape route for her. An infamous atheistic terrorist Minene is a young woman who bears a strong hatred for organized religion particularly God. She is named after Minerva the Roman goddess of wisdom commerce weaving crafts and magic.