Tsubaki Kasugano

春日野 椿, Omekata, Sixth
Age: 14 Occupation: Maiden Alternate Name: Sixth Likes: Her family Height: 157 cm Weight: 50 kg Tsubaki Kasugano is a maiden and figurehead of the Omekata religion. Her Thousand League Eyes diary is unlike the other diaries as it is a scroll rather than a cell phone. As its name would suggest it is able to report the future of all her followers. Unlike Yukiterus diary it is not limited to just her surroundings but also sees far events such as seeing the events Yuki had accomplished a great distance away from where she resides. Her diary can also record near events the shortterm future that will occur after only a few seconds away from the present. This provides Tsubaki with massive amounts of information to work with. However it can pose as a hindrance in times where a situation changes constantly or when she needs to react quickly. She is named after ProserpineFurrin roman goddess of Underworld.The characters of her name mean Spiring Day Field and Camellia respectively.