勇者, Dark Knight, Hero, White Swordsman

The main male protagonist and the greatest warrior of the Human realm. He gives up on his task of slaying the Demon Queen after he is convinced to join her in her efforts to ensure a truly peaceful solution to the war between Humans and Demons by first addressing the issues of both societies that could put them into greater turmoil once the conflict ends.

He is an unequaled swordsman capable of standing against the strongest Human or Demon, along with being capable of powerful magic ranging from healing to creating familiar spirits, and able to instantly teleport to any location he previously visited. He eventually develops feelings for the Demon Queen which are also requited.

As part of the Demon Queen's plan, he conceals his true identity and adopts the name of White Swordsman (白の剣士 Shiro no Kenshi?). While traveling through the Demon Realm as a peacekeeper, he dons an imposing black armor belonging to a former Demon Lord, addressing himself as a servant of the Demon Queen called the Black Knight (黒騎士 Kuro Kishi?).

The Hero used to fight along three companions: a Female Knight, an Archer, and a Wizard, all of whom went separate ways after the Hero left the party to confront the Demon Queen alone.