Joshua Bright

ヨシュア ブライト, Black Fang

Joshua is a young man at 16 years old. As a person, Joshua is a quiet youth with black hair and amber eyes who's always there to keep the hot-headed Estelle from getting too deep into trouble. His choice of weapons are a pair of swords.

Before Cassius Bright adopted him, he was a ruthless and emotionless killer, not even thinking twice of harming innocents for his mission. Joshua was born on 12-20-1185 of the Septian Calendar in his hometown up north. There he live happily until a tragic event happened seven years later. Due to a tragic event in his past, Joshua became basically an emotionless shell, not eating, talking, or even playing—merely playing his harmonica. A traveling magician (later revealed to be Professor Alba, a.k.a. Weissmann the Faceless) then offered to restore his heart, if Joshua would work for his organization Ouroboros. His caretaker agreed, and Joshua's very mind was manipulated into the will of Weissmann. Joshua became Enforcer #13, the Black Fang. He became a full-fledged assassin, killing his targets ruthlessly, not even pausing to kill innocents. Eventually Cassius Bright was targeted, but Joshua failed, and was taken in by Cassius. Near the end of the game, Alba then releases Joshua from his spell which make all his memories come back. Joshua now remembers that he is in fact an assassin of the secret society Ouroboros. During the following night Joshua tells her the truth about him and also confesses to her his love. By kissing her, he puts a sedative in her mouth causing Estelle to fall asleep. He then bids her farewell and decides to leave in order to stop the Ouroboros.