Akira Tsubakiya

Tsubakiyaアキラ, Akira

Akira is a girl often told that she looks like a boy for her flat chest, tall figure and a boyish appearance. She made a promise with Suzuki when she was in middle school and fell in love with him. Suzuki also tells her that he likes long haired girls (so in some chapters, Akira has long hair). On the day she planned to confess to Suzuki, she finds out that he has a girlfriend of his type. She chops her hair off, believing there is no use for it. She later went to high school. She is called "Prince Akira" by the girls even though she is wearing half of the girls uniform. She later finds out that Suzuki and his girlfriend will also attend that school. She later finds out that Suzuki's girlfriend has the name Neiro and SHE is a BOY!