Alice Carteret

An English girl who transfers into Shinobus school and stays at her house. She loves Japanese culture. Alice is a cute petit girl who is fluent in both English and Japanese though it is mentioned that during Shinobus homestay in England the both of them communicated with each other only using the words thank you and konnichiwa. Alice is very close to Shinobu and often tries to catch her attention even to the point where she would try to oneup herself from Karasumasensei so Shinobu could see that Alices English is better than Karasumas. Alice is one of the most level headed people in the group though she often finds herself embarrassed or in strange situations whenever she tries to win over Shinobus attention. Alice has shown slight jealousy towards Karen and even Karasumasensei because Karen often pushes herself onto Shinobu and Shinobu admires Karasumasensei. Nevertheless Alices more negative feelings are often used in a joking manner within the series rather than a spiteful one.