Luke Fon Fabre

ルーク・フォン・ファブレ, Light of the Sacred Flame

Age: 17 - 20 (end) Weight: 68 kg Height: 171 cm Weapon: Swords Luke is the "hero" of the story, but hardly starts out as one. He's spoiled and has been locked up inside his father Duke Fabre's mansion ever since he was kidnapped seven years ago. At first, Luke is constantly complaining and has a short temper. However, throughout the story, he goes through some major changes, mostly thanks to the people he traveled with and a terrible disaster along the way. Luke's evolution as human is great; he becomes a completely different person.

After his close encounter with God-General Asch the Bloody, Luke enters in a depression shock after finding out that he is merely a replica of Asch, and that Asch is the original Luke kidnapped by Van in order to overturn Yulia´s score. He is unable to overcome this on his own. As he saw through Asch's eyes the way that Guy still considered him a friend, and Tear's council about what exactly to do to make up for his mistake, Luke cuts his hair with Tear's knife to throw away his old self and try to change into a better person. From this point on, Luke's resolve seems even more solid, since he now wants to save the world, even if that does not make up for his actions into Akzeriuth´s destruction. A little later in the game, Luke finds his own way to save the world by controlling the Sephiroth Passage Rings with his hyperressonance. If done correctly, this could allow him to steadily lower the Outer Lands into the Qliphoth before they fall. One month after the Outer Lands were lowered, Luke has returned to his manor in the city of Baticul. This time though, he has decided to keep in contact with his friends. After a while, Luke and his friends reunite and start travelling the world once again. As they do, it becomes clear that the world wasn't fully saved by their actions. Miasma starts to pour back into the Outer Lands and replicas are wandering the streets with nowhere to go but the mysterious Tower of Rem. Eventually, Luke discovers a way to save the world that would involve the loss of ten thousand lives and one Seventh Fonist. The replicas, willing to die if it will put and end to their pain, offer themselves up as a sacrifice as well as Luke. Luke believes that he has no reason to exist and thinks that by living, he is denying Asch the life he's meant to be living. His friends try and persuade him that he's wrong but Luke has made up his mind. He and the replicas travel to the top of the Tower of Rem and Luke starts to cast an amplified hyperressonance to absorb the world's miasma. During this time, Luke realizes that he doesn't want to die. His efforts to remove the miasma are not enough, and Asch is forced to step in and help again. Both him and Luke are caught up in the energy field and when it disappears, they're both still alive. Both the miasma and the replicas are gone though. Even with the miasma gone, the fate of the world still hangs in the balance. Van Grants has revived the destroyed city of Hod, now renamed Eldrant, and will use it to destroy the world and build a new age of replicas. Luke and the others decide that they have to stop this from happening, but that they have to do it fast. At the Tower of Rem Luke finds Asch at the attempting to use the replicas to erase the world's miasma, but Luke refuses to let this happen and argues with Asch for the sword. Luke tells Asch, that he should be the one to die since he is a replica. Asch leaves after failing in this attempt and Luke and his party head to Daath. At Daath, he reveals his choice that he will sacrifice his life and allow Asch to live. At the tower Luke and Asch fight again on who will use the Key of Lorelei, but Luke manages to take Asch place when Jade manages to hold on to Asch. While attempting this a large object emerges from Lukes chest, Asch reveals that it is the Jewel of Lorelei and Luke must have sealed into himself suring the fight with Van. Luke uses the sword along with jewel to clear the miasma. Luke and the party are surprised to see Luke living, but Luke notices that his hand is becoming transparent. The party goes back to Belkend to speak with the doctor, there the doctor explains that his Seventh Fonons are separating and at some point he will die. One year later (as the game takes place over two years), Luke is presumed to be dead, either killed in the destruction of Eldrant or worn down by separating Seventh Fonons. However, on the night of his Coming of Age Ceremony (his twentieth birthday), Luke mysteriously reappears in Tataroo Valley. But the Luke seen is slightly different than the one who defeated Van. Notable changes include longer hair, with a hair tone between Asch's dark ends and Luke's light ends, a completely different outfit, a slightly different voice from both Luke and Asch, and the Key of Lorelei positioned in the same way Luke always had his sword (it is notable that Luke was left-handed and Asch right-handed).

At first, Luke and Tear are off to a horrible start. Tear thinks Luke is a spoiled brat, while Luke regards Tear as bossy and cold. The only thing Luke knows about Tear is that her self-admitted ignorance of his having the power of the Seventh Fonon has caused them both to be transported across the lands. He treats Tear, and everyone else, terribly, constantly complaining and talking down to her. Tear puts up with it only because of his status and the feeling of responsibilty she has for placing him in this situation. Still, she's quick to criticise him, and he comes to think of her as a pretty face with a bad attitude. The most notable change in their relationship is after Akzeriuth is destroyed, and the party leaves Luke behind in Yulia City with Tear, who did not want to return to the surface. Awakening, Luke sees Tear in the garden behind her house. He approaches her with plans to save St. Binah, but she doesn't believe in him. Though Luke speaks of understanding and change, he can tell Tear doesn't believe him. Using one of her daggers, he cuts off his hair to symbolise his cutting himself off from his old way of being. Tear is still unconvinced, but Luke believes his actions will prove his words true. He asks Tear to watch him, make sure he stays on the right path. Tear agrees to do so. As time goes on, Luke's determination begins to affect Tear, and slowly she begins to trust him. As the game progresses, it becomes obvious that Luke thinks the world of Tear. However, he's not very good at showing his feelings, and screws up whenever he tries to do so. It doesn't help that he is dense to a fault and all hints thrown his way by other people about Tear's feelings towards him misses him completely. The two constantly deny their growing feelings for each other, much to the amusement of their fellow party members. Along with their growing feelings for each other, the both of them also begin to have increasing concerns about one another. When activating the sephiroth, Tear begins to become increasingly exhausted with each sepheroth they trigger. When they discover that the miasma is being absorbed into her body causing her exhaustion, Luke insists on staying by her side recognizing that while he wants her to stop, there is no other way around the situation. Even when they finish using the sephiroth, Luke is still concerned about the miasma in her body. Later in the game, the roles are reversed when Tear becomes extremely worried on Luke's behalf as he tries to find his worth in the world. Because of this, he is now prone to making irrational decisions if he thinks it will give his life meaning forcing Tear to look after him more closely. This reaches its peak when Luke is faced with sacrificing himself to eliminate the miasma at the Tower of Rem. She states that even if Luke were to die to eliminate the miasma and be called a hero, she would hate him but also says that she will leave that choice up to him as he did with her when they were activating the sephiroth. When she realizes he's going through with it, she immediately tries to run to him to stop him only to be held back by Guy. She is relieved to find him alive after the whole ordeal but becomes concerned for him again once she finds out about Luke's declining fonons. Unlike the situation with Tear where she is able to suppress and eventually eliminate the miasma from killing her, there is no way around Luke's ailment and he will ultimately die. While talking to him about it gives Luke someone to talk to about his ailment (outside Jade), she feels completely useless while Luke slowly dies. The night before the group’s final battle, Luke seems to attempt to tell Tear something important, but, in the end, is too nervous to say it. Should the player read Luke's diary, it is implied that Luke had wanted to tell Tear of his true feelings for her, but backed out in the end since he believed that announcing his feelings would cause her pain as he was unsure if he would survive past the final battle due to the continuous deterioration of his fonons. After the final battle with Van, as everyone says their parting words to Luke, Tear tells him tearfully to come home after everything is over, which Luke promises he will. With that, Tear walks away and leaves Luke with a final whisper, 'I love you.' It is unknown if Luke heard it.

(Source: Aselia - The Tales Wiki)