Akeno Himejima

姫島 朱乃, Priestess of Thunder and Light,The Ultimate Sadist,The President's Hitman

Rank: Low-class Devil → Middle-class Devil Role: Queen BWH: 102/60/89 Species: Reincarnated Devil (Former half-human/half-fallen angel) Power: Elemental magic (mainly thunder), Holy Lightning (From Volume 5 onwards) A third-year student and one of the "Two Great Onee-samas" of Kuou Academy along with Rias. Called the ultimate "Queen" by other members. Born between a human mother and fallen angel father, after the death of her mother, she became Rias' servant. She is a friend close enough to call Rias by her name in private, yet calls her Buchou in presence of others and displays a master-servant relationship in public. She persistently refuses to use her power of light, inherited from her father, but starts using it after being convinced by Issei.

She admits that she thought Issei was cute from the moment she met him but in Volume 3 she confesses that she's developed feelings for him and begins flirting heavily with him. This starts a longstanding rivalry between herself and Rias in which she jokingly claims that she and Issei are going to have an "affair".