Bakabon no Papa

バカボンのパパ, Bakabon's Papa
Birthday:Dec 25
Bakabon039s troublemaker father who eventually steals the show and becomes the central character. His catchphrase is saying Kore de ii noda It039ll be allright? to someone when trying to get them to go along with one of his stupid plans. A typical episode plot involves Papa either being too stupid to perform a simple task or coming up with some crazy idea to accomplish a simple task usually asking for his son Bakabon039s advice and causing tons of trouble in either case. He was once very smart but became an idiot after an accident. He is known for always wearing his trademark hachimaki. His favorite food is octopus. Papa has become an anime icon in Japan and was even ranked Number 9 in a 2002 TV Asahi Top 100 Anime Characters list.