Madoka Midou

Birthday:Sep 10
Birthday: September 10 She is the main comic relief of the series. Her character is easily recognized due to her large reflective forehead which is often the object Yohkos insults. She considers herself Yohkos rival and strives to beat Yohko in all aspects such as in sports studies and even gaming. Her efforts can be observed when she aspires to become a starship pilot and her diligence in overcoming vertigo. However she is the least competent of the pilots. She is very poised but kind of spoiled and happygolucky. She also believes in making an impact as shown by her choice of dressing as a zombie for a costume party. She also comes off as a slight anime otaku. She also falls head over heels for Yamamoto Yohsuke when he appears in the series. Pilots the Super Sprint TA25. Its specialty is its powerful Vapour Shield. Reflecting her impatient personality she uses the shield as a battering ram rather than as a defensive device. Source: Wikipedia