Nui is a Mushishi and the narrator of the anime series. Her voice can be heard in many episodes. Nuis appearance is very similar to the series protagonist Ginko Due to her exposure to the Ginko Mushi she has white hair and only her left eye which has turned green. She is tall and usually wears a dark kimono. Since she doesnt have her right eye she keeps it shut. Nuis appearance was different before being exposed to the Ginko she had long black hair dark eyes and wore a brighter kimono. Similar to Ginko she smokes MushiTobacco to keep Mushi away. Nui is a Mushishi from an isolated yet beautiful village in the mountains. Due to her tendency to attract Mushi she rarely stayed in her village and often used to travel from place to place driving Mushi away. She still often used to visit her parents friends and her husband and child. Due to her research on the Ginko she was constantly exposed to its light and that changed her appearance. One day she found an injured boy named Yoki in the woods who had lost his mother in a landslide. She tended to his wounds and explained to him the nature of Tokoyami. Source: Mushishi Wiki edited