Manabu Itagaki

板垣学 , Speed King
The most recent addition to the roster the charming Manabu has a prodigys talent and was the captain of his high schools boxing team. Cheerful and a lover of bad puns Manabu is a fierce outboxer with extremely high speed and reflexes and whose fighting style is uncanny in its resemblance to Miyatas. His most powerful technique is a furious hail of midpower blows known as the Hedgehog or Porcupine which was employed in an East Japan Rookie Kings showdown with his longtime nemesis Kyosuke Imai. Outside of boxing Manabu is employed as an assistant at the Makounouchi familys fishing business. Itagakis character is based on former world champion Oscar de La Hoya for his prodigylike natural ability and good looks whom Itagaki has admitted to idolizing in the manga. His current record as the Rookie King of his class stands at 9 Matches 810 WLD with 6 KOs. Taken from Wikipedia