Umi Ryuuzaki

龍咲 海, Marina Ryuzaki, Marina Santana

Age: 14 years old Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue Height: 5'2' or 158cm Star Sign: Pisces Grade: Year 2 Secondary Student Birthday: 3rd of March Blood Type: A Favorite Food: Spaghetti Least Favorite Food: Anything Sweet Favorite Subject: English Least Favorite Subject: Sewing / Home Economics Extra Curricular Activities: Fencing Club Hobby: Baking Cakes Specialty: English and Fencing Favorite Color: Blue Wants to be: A Bride Family Members: Father and mother Umi Ryuuzaki is the Magic Knight of Water. Despite being a beautiful and elegant girl, with a tall model-like figure and long, flowing blue hair, she actually has a short temper, and was initially shown to be the most skeptical of the three. Later on, however, between the three Magic Knights, she took on the mantle of the Big Sister and proved to be very protective of her two best friends, Fuu Hououji and Hikaru Shidou. (Source: Wikipedia)