Presea is the top blacksmith in Cephiro known there as a Pharle or quotartisan.quot She is one of Clef039s students and seems to have a crush on him. She aided the Magic Knights by making their legendary swords of escudo. In both the anime and manga series she shows something of a sadistic side plotting ways to punish Mokona for making a mess in her study including yanking his ears hanging him upsidedown while she dances about him dressed as a Native American and prying his everclosed eyes wide open. Her trap captures the Magic Knights by mistake so she ponders whether to stretch their cheeks or boil them in a big pot again wearing a feathered headdress and doing a war dance. In the anime series she is killed by one of Ascot039s beast summons. This death happens only in the Anime and created a rather large plot hole. In the the anime version of the second series her twin sister Sierra to correct this plot hole poses as her. The only ones to realize that Sierra is not Presea are Clef Mokona and Alcyone who recognizes Sierra039s deception as stemming partly from her love for Clef. When Clef confronts Sierra about why she is posing as her sister Sierra replies that it is to help the Knights with their mission and continue her sister039s legacy but doesn039t reveal her own feelings for him. Presea039s favorite food is listed as Vtek a kind of candy from Cephiro though she enjoys the candy from Earth that Hikaru gave her almost as much. Source: Wikipedia