Tatsuya Shirakawa

白川竜也, White Dragon
An anti hero who runs his own private business in which he protects those that are falsely accused of a crime or are in lifethreatening situations through no fault of their own. He only chooses to protect those he feels are worthy the rest are killed by dropping them into a pit under the couch via a trap door. His form of protection generally involves killing those who threaten the life of his client himself though in some cases it involves taking the person out of the country or hiding them in some other way e.g. using false identities. He is pragmatic cold nearlyemotionless sharptongued and always bored. His favorite phrase is How infuriating due to him finding nearly everything in life annoying to some extent or another. He also has a remarkable talent for crossdressing something he uses for undercover work or to trick people into thinking the Legendary White Dragon is actually a woman. His preferred weapon is what he calls a tear shooter which fires pressurized water from a nozzle built into his glove strong enough to cut through metal and decapitate people from a distance though it leaves him at a disadvantage in cold weather. He also likes jigsaw puzzles.