Mifuyu Kiba

木場 美冬

Height: 166cm Weight: 43kg BWH: 80-56-81 cm Best friend of Chisato. Due to her frail health, she was hospitalized for a long time and thus having to repeat a year, she grew a complex due to that but was overcome with the help of Chisato and Yuki. She also has a habit of citing old jokes, explaining it by the fact she's a year older. In the game:

Mifuyu is aware of Chisato's feelings for Yuuki, and constantly cheers her on. However, it is later shown that Mifuyu had kept her own feelings for Yuuki, silent.

Though Yuuki does confesses his love for her in a joking manner, it is not clear if he really means it or not and it is also not clear if she really has someone else she loves or was she just deflecting Yuuki's confession.