Zessica Wong


Basic Element Index: 89 Aura Level Ascension Rate: Pattern A Mind Level Ascension Rate: Pattern A Muscular Power: B Durability: A Rapidity: A++ Technical: A Knowledge: C Fortune: B Deterrence: C- Dependency of Unification: A A female student who took an interest on Amata and likes to tease him, much to Mikono's displeasure. In the first episode, she state that the unification with just girls are boring and wants to try doing it with boys, resulting with MIX and Suomi scolding and lecturing her on how it is impure. Her power is the ability to shoot an Energy Blast shaped like a hand, shown when teaching Amata Sora the basics of piloting Aquarion Evol on it's debut. She has a fear of supernatural things, like ghosts, and tries to hide it behind a scowl, leading her to grab Amata and shouting "Don't leave me!" which caused a misunderstanding, especially through Mikono. She also seems to have developed feelings for him proven when she bought a picture of Amata. (Source: Wikipedia)