Maximilian Jenius

マクシミリアン・ジーナス, Max
Max joined the UN Spacy aboard the SDF1 Macross during the events of Space War I. His first combat assignment was to Skull Squadron039s Vermillion Team under the newly promoted Hikaru Ichijo. Max quickly distinguished himself in combat which came as a surprise to those around him due to his quiet personality. After earning a reputation for his skill word of Max finds its way to female Zentradi ace Milia Fallyna. Seeking a challenge Milia attacks the Macross to draw Max out and engages him in a dogfight. Eventually Max is able to damage Milia039s Queadluun Rau power armor and drive her off. As a team leader Max continued to distinguish himself for the remainder of Space War I. In its aftermath he continued to serve in Skull Squadron based out of Macross City.