Kirino Chiba

Birthday:Apr 10
Kirino Chiba is a second year high school student and the captain of the kendo club. Energetic and enthusiastic she dreams of leading the team to the nationals. Her family owns a deli named quotChiba Deliquot. Kirino is very happy that Kojir has finally begun to put more effort into training his kendo team but she is oblivious to the real reason why her teacher has suddenly begun to train the team so enthusiastically. She is proud that she is the captain of the kendo club and is more responsible than she appears i.e. picking up the shinai when the other members leave them lying around on the floor chiding the other members for not picking up after themselves etc.. Kirino seems to find Tamaki quite adorable as she and Sayako will often treat Tamaki as a quotlittle sisterquot type i.e. playing with Tamaki039s hair not listening to her kendo lectures making Tamaki fight merely because she wants to see her fight etc.. Despite that however she has great confidence in Tamaki. She is described as being the heart of the group by Kojir. She plays the position of SecondinCommand fukusho in the competition.