Hikaru Wakamiya

若宮ひかる, Hiyoko,Little Chick

Hikaru is 15-year-old girl who attended an all-girls school before getting accepted into Takara Honda's school. She loves shōjo manga. One day, she gets her first kiss stolen by a Arata Ichikawa, a "perverted prince." Hikaru seems to have feelings for Takara and his brother, Arata. Although it's unclear at this point who she likes better. (Source: Wikipedia)

She was forced to choose between Takara and Arata at one point, but seeing as she couldn't choose between the two, both brothers decided to settle the issue by saying that whoever won the karate tournament would be with Hikaru, while the other is to completely forget about her and move on. During the final stage of the tournament which consisted of a match between Takara and Arata, Arata upon noticing that Takara was injured and already planning to lose the match since the beginning as according to him: Takara was the only one that can make Hikaru happy; he lost the match which of course infurated Takara, but after Hikaru rejected Takara even though he won with 'I'm sorry', he had to give up on her while still holding the ring that shattered their relationship. At the end she chose Arata and ended up having a child with him.