Arata Ichikawa


Arata Ichikawa is the 'Perverted Prince,' 15-year-old boy, who is Honda Takara's half brother. He is a playboy who has sex with girls all the time and uses violence as a way to be entertained. Ichikawa has blue eyes, which is the only physical part of him that you can distinguish him from Takara.

His mother was a foreigner, thus him having blue eyes, and his father was Japanese. Arata's mother was the woman Takara's father had an affair with, even though his wife was with child. resulting in him leaving her behind before realizing she was pregnant. Arata and Takara's father looks exactly like them; the hair, facial, practically everything physical, thus making Arata's grandfather despise Arata since he doesn't want to see Takara's father. However he starts realizing and expressing that he is in love with Hikaru Wakamiya. In the extra of they story, Arata and Hikaru seems to have tried to have sex, but Arata couldn't seem to be able to stating "I'll do it with you when I become a man." After that, Hikaru mentioned that she had an amazing dream that she and Arata got married and had a child together. Ending the extra, a picture was on the last page showing Hikaru with Arata, who's in bed holding their child.

(Source: Wikipedia)