Akito Himenokouji

姫小路 秋人

The main protagonist. Akito recently reunited with his sister, after being separated for six years, and transferred into Saint Liliana High School class 2A. He is generally lazy and hopes to live a normal life, but he will also work with his full strength to achieve his goal. He started to take care of his sister when he was young, however when their parents died, the siblings got separated when adopted by two different families. After secretly arranging for years he was finally reunited with her and moved out to live by themselves, but only to have find out that she has a brother complex, that developed while they were separated at youth.

It is later revealed that he was actually adopted by his parents, and has no blood relationship with his sister, but he choose to keep this as a secret, especially to his sister.

He loves to trick Akiko, or watching others trick her. He is quite over-protective of Akiko, and people around him often comment about this as having a serious sister complex, although both he and Akiko strongly deny this. Since the siblings are now living by themselves, he secretly makes their living by writing porn novels of brother-sister incest under the pen name "Kōichirō Shindo", and has become a famous author. He is given the job as student counsel's "vice-assistant of proxy of secretary", that Arashi happily claims that's a fabricated position for her underground lover; technically, his is the assistant of the secretary, Akiko. (Source: Wikipedia)