Komachi Onozuka

小野塚小町, Komachi Onoduka
A youkai that provides passage for the river between Gensokyo and the other side. She has the ability to manipulate distance. When a person dies their spirit must cross the river to the Netherworld. It is Komachis duty to ferry the dead across the river. The width and depth of the river changes depending on her mood. Also if someone has done too much evil during their lifetime they may even not be able to cross the river. A shinigami judges one to be good or bad not by the amount of crimes but by money. That is to say not the money that the deceased may have had while they were alive but rather the total amount of those who yearned and missed that person from the bottom of their hearts. By the way judging the the amount of crimes of the dead is not Komachis job and would be handled after crossing the river but thats a story for another time. After death when she requests a passage fee from them people tend to be surprised since the money they have on hand doesnt correspond to their own assets but on the assets of his or her surrounding friends. Very rich people tend to be despised during their life and are astonished to see how little they have after death. Komachi always demands those she guides to pay all the money they have and anyone who hesitates to pay the full sum is dropped into the river midway through the journey. The river is made infinitely wide and the unfortunate spirit is soon consumed by huge fishes and sea dinosaurs which were extinct in world of the living. The reason Gensokyo got buried under a sea of flowers was because her workload went way beyond what she could handle. There were so many dead spirits that some of them were not handled in time and were left in Gensokyo and in this puzzled state these dead spirits possessed nearby flowers. Komachi thought that it was just a temporary issue and worked at her own pace without the slightest bit of worry. However it soon caught the eye of her boss Eiki Shiki and she got a good scolding because of that. Source: TouhouWiki