Tsubasa Andou

安藤翼, Shadow
Gender: Male Age: 14 Height:170.5cm Birthday: July 15 Horoscope: Cancer Blood Type: O Alice: Shadow Manipulation Tsubasa is a middle school student who is one of the first students to be kind to Mikan. He has the Alice of manipulating shadows. He met Mikan when he saves her from bullies. After he saved Mikan from the bullies she develops an innocent crush on him. He often enjoys teasing Natsume and sometimes Ruka over Mikan. As Natsume knows that Mikan has a crush on Tsubasa he makes it a point to be around them so nothing happens. Besides Kaname he is the only one who can stop Mr. Bear. He is now in the Dangerous Ability Class but is keeping it from Mikans knowledge. However Mikan later finds out that Tsubasa is in the Dangerous Ability Class. He is currently missing after a mission. His name Tsubasa means Wings.