Shin Mouri

毛利伸, Cye Mouri
Cye Mouri known in Japan as Shin Mri Mri Shin is the oldest of member of the Ronin Warriors and normally one of the calmest. He has an Australian accent in the English dubbing. Cye039s family situation is similar to the other Ronins. His father died when he was young his mother is an artisan more exactly a famous potter who is often ill and he has an older sister named Sayoko who is married to a fellow whom Cye didn039t like at first. However the Ronins Mia and Yuli are like a family to him and Kento is his best friend. His armor is the Torrent known as Suik lit. Water in YST and his Virtue is Shin Faith also referred to as Trust. His weapon is a trident whose prongs can close allowing him to grab opponents from afar or cut through obstacles. The armor is also equipped with a tant dagger and a clawlike weapon on the gauntlet but he has apparently never used either of those. His elemental affinity is water and his surekill is Super Wave Smasher known as Chou Ryu Ha Super Wave Crush in YST. The attack is a powerful burst of water. Cye039s main opponent is Sekhmet the Dark Warlord of Venom. However in the drama CD Suikoden he encounters a villain named Toryuki a demon living on Earth whose powers were similar to his. Cye is voiced by Michael Donovan in the English dub and also voices Sage Date. In the 3rd OVA Message Cye receives a new suit of armor and upgraded powers. The extent of his new powers are unknown. Like Ryo and Sage Cye039s family name Mouri possibly came from the reallife Japanese daimyo Mouri Motonari. Wikipedia