Seiji Date

伊達征士, Sage Date
Birthday:Jun 9
Sage Date known in Japan as Seiji Date Date Seiji is a member of the Ronin Warriors and considered the most mature and aloof member of the team. One of the key moments for this character takes place in the CD drama Korinden when he questions whether or not he wants to be a Ronin Warrior. Sage comes from a very traditional Japanese family in which the women hold the power. He has a father who is a police officer a mother grandmother grandfather older sister Yayoi and younger sister Satsuki. Satsuki is the most quotnormalquot of the Date family and doesn039t use proper Japanese language like her siblings. In the OVA Gaiden Sage was captured by Shikaisen and the Mad Scientist his Halo Armor was used to kill people in New York one of them being Runa039s brother. Sage wears the Halo armor called Korin literal translation: holy aura in YST. His Virtue is Chi Wisdom which was changed from Rei Courtesy in YST. His elemental affinity is light. Sage fights with a nodachi a Japanese broadsword. His surekill is the Thunderbolt Cut called Rai Ko Zan Lightning Strike in YST. His thunderbolt has him gather a large amount of energy to his sword and despite the name it039s sometimes used as a thrust attack. It can also manifest as a burst of energy beams. There is an interesting little story about Sage and it seems that he was vicepresident of the Kendo club at his high school in ninth grade and the president in tenth grade. Because of the battle with Talpa Arago which occurred in the spring that would be his second resurgence Sage did not attend the Kendo tournament. A young man named Shingo apparently a friendly rival of Sage039s in the sport won the championship that year and later wrote a letter to Sage hoping that they039ll meet at next year039s tournament. It was in this letter that Rowen and Kento got the idea to cut Sage039s hair. Shingo had written that Sage didn039t look bad with both eyes and asked him why he didn039t cut his hair. Rowen and Kento chased Sage with scissors. They didn039t read the rest of the letter where Shingo speculated that maybe Sage039s victory was due partly to how intimidating Sage looks with both eyes showing. Sage is voiced by Michael Donovan in the English dub. Like Ryo Sage039s family name Date comes from a reallife samurai called Date Masamune. Wikipedia