Jun Abe

阿部 順, Abecchi, King of Confessions
Naos classmate who they call Abecchi. He is called the King of Confessions because he often goes around asking girls out but gets rejected every single time. He wants a girlfriend so badly that almost any cute girl will do. When he was younger he was friends with a girl who he saw as his girlfriend. However when he hears that she becomes someone elses girlfriend he asks her why and she tells him it was because he had never said anything which is also why he confesses to random cute girls. Because of this incident he warns Nao to be careful to not have misunderstandings between her and Uehara regarding their relationship. He asks out Nao and obviously she rejects him. Despite that Nao and Abe remain good friends. On the same Valentines day as the day Nao had confirmed Ueharas feelings for her he receives chocolate from a cute girl named Tsukasa Ooishi who after becoming a couple with Abe moves to England then moves back four months later. Some of his later crushes are Nanako and Yuri. He also considers Uehara his best friend.