Urara Shiraishi

白石うらら, Sunshine
Birthday: December 24 Blood type: A Class: 2B Affiliation: Supernatural Studies Club Title: President of the Supernatural Studies Club A beautiful girl who is Suzaku Highs brightest student. She is one of the seven original witches. She wears Ecup bras and lots of white underwear but owns black ones as well. Yamada is the only person Shiraishi is willing to swap bodies with i.e. kiss. In a special report Miyamura does an indepth analysis of the witches based on his observation. In it he mentioned Shiraishi and her power Its so awesome that I get to enjoy using this power The risks of using are way too high though. Shiraishi is pretty and nice but she only kisses Yamada which is a bummer. I want in on the fun Source: Nananinnomajo Wikia