Hiroshi Tateno


He is the main male student character in the series and one of Nūbē's most active supporters. A transfer student who arrives in Doumori Elementary at the start of the manga, he is at first suspicious of his teacher's exorcism claims, but eventually comes around due to being saved from one spiritual problem after another. Typical of many young shounen leads in manga and anime, he is the courageous, heroic male of the class who is always standing up to fight against any obstacle, whether they be human or yōkai or whether it makes sense or not. His favorite past-time is playing soccer for the school. Unfortunately, Hiroshi's downside is his own stupidity: he has some of the worst grades in Nūbē's class and once even set a record for having a hundred 0s in a row on his tests! This lack of brains both causes him to have outlandish comments on simple ideas and leads him to many of his yōkai problems. He once even wet his pants after a ghost scared him in a restroom. His character's name is a tribute to the main male lead of Dokonjyou Gaeru, a classic 70s Weekly Shounen Jump series Shou and Okano used as an influence for "Nūbē". Source - Wikipedia