Riza Wildman

リザ・ワイルドマン, Liza

A half-breed girl who has a werewolf father, called Volg Wildman, and a human mother. She at first believes that her older brother was murdered by Hime, but later reconciles with Hime when she learns what really happened that night. In order to find who in the Royalty instigated her brother, she stays with Hime. Being of mixed blood she can only transform her arms up to her elbow and her combat capabilities can't compare to that of a pure breed. She appears to have feelings for Hiro and has "squishy" paws according to Hiro and one of his friends. She and Reiri are natural enemies and they don't get along. Later on, from working together in the battle against Kiniski, there is change in their relationship. It was revealed that she is a virgin in her conversation with Reiri. Maybe its in the blood of werewolves that she likes the feeling of speed and for that she rides bikes and jet-skis. (Source: Wikipedia)