アーカード, The Count, No-Life King, Monster, Vlad Tepes, Vlad III Dracula, The Bird of Hermes, Dracula, Arucard
Birthday:Nov, 1431
Height: 220 cm The secret weapon of the Hellsing organization Alucard is a vampire specializing in killing other vampires. At first glance he seems to be nothing but a rather odd gunman but when he truly unleashes his powers it becomes quite clear that he is not a mortal. After walking the night for half a millennium he is constantly seeking a worthy opponent and with his powers of regeneration strength and shapeshifting not to mention his army of familiars he lays waste to any of his masters enemies. Several of the typical weaknesses of vampires have no effect on him like sunlight as he claimed in chapter 13: Sunlight is not my greatest enemy... I just HATE it He can also travel over running water without any problem.