Misaki Takahashi

高橋美咲, Chibi-tan
Birthday:Aug 18
Birthdate: August 18 Zodiac sign: Leo Misaki is an 18 years old student living with his older brother Takahiro. He lost his parents in a car accident when he was 8 and was raised by his brother. Misaki always felt responsible for the death of his parents as well as for the fact Takahiro had to give up on his studies and start working to provide for him. In need of some serious help with his studies in order to attend the college he wants to join Takahiro asks his best friend Usami Akihiko to become Misakis tutor. Due to a sudden company transfer Takahiro moves to another town leaving his dear little brother in the hands of Usami. The young boy never dated nor did he fall in love before. When he realises he fell in love its already too late for him to go back and the fact that it is with a man makes him live in total denial of his feelings.