Nowaki Kusama


Height: 186cm Nowaki is a 24-year-old man, despite the fact he looks a lot younger. Orphaned without a name as an infant, Nowaki was named by the head of the orphanage. His name "Nowaki" means "typhoon" in Japanese, because he was found on the orphanage's doorstep in a heavy rain storm. He is a self-made young man, juggling between numerous jobs and still finding time to study on top of that. Every month he donates to the Orphanage which is only a hint at how huge his heart is. He is intelligent and his studies go well. Trying to give it the best shot he can, he moved to the USA for a year in order to become a paediatrician. Once back in Japan, he becomes an intern in hospital. His path crosses Hiroki’s by pure hazard. For him, it is love at first sight. Any excuse is good for getting to know Hiroki, so he decided to convince him into being his tutor. Calm, dedicated and daring sometimes, the balance of his love with Hiroki is extremely controversial in their relationship, and it makes things hard for them. Nowaki tends to push Hiroki into doing things with him as he's the one in control, this normally works because Nowaki is very strong. In truth Nowaki pushes all his love onto Hiroki, because he doesn't want the relationship to end.