You Miyagi


Miyagi is a 35-year-old Literature Professor at M University. His assistant is Hiroki, and despite Miyagi's playful behaviour, they are actually good friends. Was once married with the Dean's daughter, but is now divorced due to his indifference to feelings and emotions and his passion towards his work. Miyagi is a man who still lives in the memory of his late homeroom teacher he was madly in love with but never got his feelings returned. The fact he never got over it, despite marrying a woman, makes him very bitter on the matter of love. Miyagi isn't gay and denies it. Though he has to face it, a young man, surprisingly enough his ex-wife's younger brother Shinobu, comes to "hunt" his love down claiming it is destiny. Even if Shinobu forces himself upon him, Miyagi cannot conceal the fact that it affects him so much. Yet, it does…