Birth date: Astaria Calendar Year 327 April 30 Height: 174cm Weight: 60kg Eye color: grey Hair color: grey Likes: small flowers honey A bear +Anima his entire arm turns into a large bear claw. Senri seems several years older than the other kids and can be very protective of them. While he prepares all their meals and protects them they act as a voice of reason so that he doesn039t go out of control whenever he witnesses them being injured by someone. He hardly ever speaksand when he does it039s in a single word. He carries around a book in which he presses things mostly small flowers and he treasures it. When Senri is first seen he039s shown guarding a town that a group is trying to overtake because the quotgoldquot plant a plant that grows when there is gold in the soil grows there. Senri is originally of a traveling people called the KimunKur who are mainly all +Anima and who all wear the same beads in their hair as Senri does. When Senri was a child he was out hunting with his father one day when they were attacked by the mad bear Amurui. While Senri039s father managed to kill Amurui he became the next Amurui. Senri managed to kill him inheriting his father039s +anima but also that of the Amurui039s. As a result of the injury to his head he doesn039t have the ability to control the Mad Bear and must keep it sealed with his eyepatch to protect his sense of self. Another effect of his injury has caused him to lose the ability to recall memories without visual aids to remind him of people he039s met which he keeps in his book.