大尉, The Captain, Hauptsturmführer, Millennium's Trump Card, Le Chien d'Attaque, Wolfman, Good Dog
The Captain is a member of the Millennium forces and the WaffenSS. The Captain is Major Montana Maxs silent stoic adjutant and bodyguard. Unlike the Major and Lieutenant Rip van Winkle he still wears a full uniform which is similar to a M42 Greatcoat with its neckguard constantly turned up and an M43 officers cap emblazoned with the Totenkopf symbol. The Captain is a natural werewolf able to transform at will and fight in either human or werewolf form. Hans once fought Walter and Alucard in WWII and meets the Hellsing forces later in London. His seemingly noble behaviour does not fit very well in with the rest of Millennium and his enigmatic behaviour makes one wonder what he is fighting for. The Captain possesses immense superhuman ability even while in human form. This includes superhuman senses strength strong enough to bend steel bars or shatter limbs with a single kick speed reflexes agility dexterity coordination balance and endurance. His ironlike flesh can withstand Walters wires which can easily slice solid steel even as they are tightened around his bare neck. He seems to be able to fall great distances without sustaining any damage. The Captain has some regenerative ability as he quickly regenerated his mutilated hand in The Dawn. In addition to his natural abilities the Captain possesses two modified Mauser C96s with incredibly long barrels and a combat knife that he has not used yet. His name is not Hans this was a fanmade name for him because of a scene where various names appeared in the background and Hans was one of them.