Tooru Amuro

安室透 Zero, Rei Furuya (降谷零), Bourbon (バーボン)
Amuro is a freelance private detective who also maintains employment on the side that may aid in investigation like his parttime job as a waiter at Ristorante Sundayrino. After his introductory case Amuro begins working parttime at Caf Poirot. He is currently Mouri Kogorous apprentice. Amuro has a cheerful personality. He is also generous bringing a plate of sandwiches for the detective agency bought with his money. In more serious situations he seems to be patient keeping calm even while even while others are abusing him. Although somewhat of a cool type he does not hide his emotions and is quite expressive. Like other detectives in Detective Conan he enjoys presenting his deductions about cases to others. He is also manipulative tricking others into performing certain actions so he can gather information. Kogorou calls him effeminate.