Yomi Takanashi

小鳥遊 ヨミ
Height: 160 cm Yomi is a gentle goodnatured girl who speaks politely and calmly she is very mature for her age. Her name literally means No hawks where little birds play. She is supposedly a member of a welltodo family staying for some time in Germany before moving to Matos neighborhood. She also revealed that her frequent moving from one place to another has caused her to develop a sort of distant attitude towards others. However she is prone to having very dark feelings of loneliness and jealousy she tends to keep these to herself. In the 2012 anime Yomis personality is somewhat different in that while she is still calm reserved and polite she is also extremely aloof to the point where she is unwilling to make friends. Part of this is her attachment to Kagari Izuriha both due to the fact that she blames herself for Kagaris injury and because catering to all of Kagaris demands was initially easier than coping with the mental trauma. Unlike her OVA incarnation she is more interested in things like art and bracelet making. Like Mato she likes the book Lil Bird Colorful Colors.