Makoto Naegi

苗木誠, Ultimate Lucky (Unlucky?) Student,Big Mac

Height: 160cm Weight: 52kg Chest: 75cm Birthday: February 5 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Specialty: Super High-school Level Good Luck (Bad Luck?) The main character, the 'hero' of the story. Naegi is friendly and a lot more down-to-earth than other students. He tends to act passively in conversation. Junko also refers to him as an ‘herbivore man,’ which she means that Naegi is likely to be the passive one in a relationship. According to him, his most distinguishing feature is his optimism.

Naegi would make use of this particular trait later on the final trial where he prevented the other students from giving in to the despair that starts to overtake them, earning him the title ‘Super High School Level Hope‘.