Reisi Munakata

宗像礼司, Blue King
Birthday:Oct 1
Blood Type:AB
Age: 24 Height: 185 cm Birthday: October 1 Horoscope: Libra RH The head of SCEPTER4 and the Blue King. Reishi is a sophisticated observant and composed individual who is cautious in the battlefield. Though he is willing to use physical action in a fight Reishi does attempt to win with victory through negotiation instead. He is a natural leader and generally puts the concern of innocent lives over his own. Though he possesses a general loathing towards Mikoto Suoh Reishi still accepts him as a human being. He takes immediate notice when his vicecommander Awashimas displays apparent disregard for his civil rights. However he remained indifferent to how the idea could effect the Red King even stating that it was a good one. Reishi has a fondness for solving jigsaw puzzles during his spare time. As a member of SCEPTER4 Reishi has power over lightning imbibing himself in a blue color. When exerted the aura has the defensive potential to protect Reishi and his subordinates against a direct attack from the flames of Mikoto Suoh known as the king of HOMRA and an incredibly powerful combatant. Source: Project K Wikia