Saruhiko Fushimi

伏見 猿比古, Saru
Birthday:Nov 7
Blood Type:AB
Age: 19 Height: 178 cm Birthday: November 7 Horoscope: Scorpio Third in Command of SCEPTER4 and a former member of HOMRA having betrayed the latter Clan at some point in the past. Fushimi often displays himself as a coolheaded though lazy and bored individual. He gives off a listless attitude and seems unmotivated but is in fact very competent. He prefers not to participate in most of his Clans activities. However he will cooperate if necessary with little to no arguments. At the same time he would often disregard his associates and act out on his own. While focused on an objective Fushimi is willing to use any method possible to make his tasks quicker and easier such as drugging innocent civilians. He would even attack several former allies without any hesitation just to accomplish his goal displaying additional traits of ruthlessness. A sociopath by nature Fushimis personality is far more twisted then he leads others to believe. He is cruel bloodthirsty and occasionally sadistic. During battle Fushimi often sports a wide grin and a tendency to laugh giddily about the dangerous event. He also displays more evident signs of arrogance and superiority towards his opponents. Fushimi often boasts about his strength and speaks to his opponents in a more mocking tone. Nevertheless Fushimi retains a carefree attitude during battle and likes to make rude though somewhat personal jokes. Misaki usually calls him Saru Monkey. Source: ANN Project K Wikia