Centorea Shianus

セントレア・シアヌス, Cerea
Birthday:Nov 28
Species: Centaur Centorea also known as Cerea is the third resident of Kimihito Kurusus home. She is very prim and proper referring to herself as a selfproclaimed knight. As one of the noble creatures Cerea is incredibly honorable and chivalrous while being unerringly loyal to Kimihito. Also she is somewhat archaic in speech and behavior. Centaurs have strict rules about only letting ones master ride on their backs. She has been shown to be just as possessive of Kimihito as Miia the difference is that Cerea hides it much better and can seemingly be ashamed of it. Due to her horse physiology and nature Cereas favorite food are carrots. She tries to hide her big appetite for the vegetable because people make fun of her for it.