Machi Kuragi

Machi Kuragi is a fictional character and the school treasurer of Kaibara High School in the manga entitled Fruits Basket. Machi is a quiet and shy character and appears to be sensitive and rather isolated. She appears in the Fruits Basket manga and drama CDs where she039s voiced by Yuki Kaida. Machi is the halfsister of Kakeru Manabe. Manabe is very protective of her and can often be seen ordering her around more out of brotherly love than sibling superiority. Machi is a very quiet character though she later begins to show her more stubborn side. She also appears to be quite humble towards Yuki and the other council members often doing what ever they say and rarely speaking up for her own wishesmdashthat is if she has any. Despite all such things however Machi is a deeply kind and caring girl on the inside as shown by her heartwarming reactions.