Tigerlily Coffin


Race Frankenstein Birthday: August 3 Age: 18 (at moment of death) Gender: Female Height: 158cm Weight: 48kg Origin: Ingolstadt, Germany Blood Type: A Zodiac: Virgo One of Dr. Richters specialized Frankensteins, Tigerlily was the fifth in the line, and built with an enhanced nervous system and sensory abilities. Dr. Peaberry can be considered Tigerlilys mother, while Dr. Richter can be considered her father. She currently works for The Count, and Blitz Guruda. With an enhanced sensory system, Tigerlilys main skill her is sight. With her three eyes, she is able to see great detail, or even through objects, such as when she looked though the modified Black Skull to see Dr. Peaberry. She is able to create eyeball like sensory devices, which she can use like wireless cameras, or to record and play back things they have seen like projectors. Tigerlily believes in Frankenstein superiority, and feels that they have no reason to work with or for humans, and that Frankensteins can simply take anything they want. She shows no mercy in anything she does, and often shows great forethought and intelligence as she deals with people. She seems to have affections for The Count. Source: Wikipedia